The BioMeridian Stress Assessment Test – A Perfect Fit for Breast Health Information


How does it work?

The Meridian Stress Assessment System (MSAS) conducts a comprehensive evaluation of a person’s energetic health and balance. It works by monitoring natural energy patterns from acupressure points on the hands and feet with a stylus attached to a sophisticated computer program.

What do you mean by energy patterns?

Every substance emits a unique energy pattern known as an electro magnetic (EM) signal or a signature pattern. These patterns have been recorded, just like a person’s fingerprints, and saved in the MSAS software. The system is basically scanning for “barcodes”.

Is it scientifically proven?

The original concept was developed in the 1950’s by Dr. Voll. Today’s system is a highly developed combination of electronic technology, biofeedback and ancient acupuncture knowledge. Since then numerous tests, research papers, and technical studies have verified the effectiveness. The system is registered with the Federal Drug Administration. Hundreds of companies around the world have used this equipment with considerable success. Americans are just now becoming aware of the potential for disease prevention using the MSAS-Pro.

How often do I need to be screened?

An initial screening after a breast thermogram can give you many ideas about your breast health. Basic meridians will be screened that give information about the balance of your lymph nodes, adrenals, liver, and complete endocrine system. Additionally information can be gathered about chemicals, hormones balances, viruses, and dental. These are additional ideas that all create havoc in our system and can be connected with breast cancers.

Although this analysis cannot be considered a diagnosis, it is the best system I have found that truly gives us an indepth look at our bodies and the real causes behind our bodies imbalances. It helps to alert us to possible problems, suggests supplements to balance the problem and makes us think about where toxins are coming from that can be causing breast health problems.

This costs about $125 for a 90-minute screening. Check for other practitioners in your area who could offer this service.

A checkup every 2-3 months is recommended after the initial screen until your body is in balance, then a general prevention checkup is suggested every six to twelve months.

Do I need to refrain from eating before a screening?

You can have a screening at any time without problems. Make sure that you drink plenty of water before your screening.

Why do you stress food sensitivities?

The screening results clearly show foods that you should avoid for awhile. Your bodies reaction to them may lead to long term health problems such as irritable bowel, fatigue, migraines, hyperactivity and other health issues.

Food sensitivities can cause problems with our breast health, especially caffiene. But other foods are loaded with chemicals, xenoestrogens that are known causes of breast cancer. Soy is a huge problem with women and can cause all kind of endocrine disruptions. The MSAS will help us recommend foods that you should avoid.

What supplements will be recommended?

Computer screening takes the guesswork out of nutritional supplements that you need. The right supplement in the right dosage for your body’s needs is very important to keep your body balanced and your health boosted.

What health conditions can the screening detect?

Over 40,000 signature patterns from food, vitamins, minerals, parasites, viruses, metals, bacteria, hormones, enzymes, pesticides, supplements, herbals, and others are used in the comprehensive screening to provide individual results. The MSAS Pro does not have programs for medical labeled diseases; ten people could have the same problem with ten different solutions because everyone’s body is unique.

How long will it take before I feel better?

Every individual will respond differently to supplements, but some people have experienced changes within 1-2 weeks. Others haven’t noticed anything but a gradual lessening of symptoms over a longer