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What is EMF?

Electromagnetic Frequency or Field (EMF or plural EMFs), also termed Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), is the radiant energy released by certain electromagnetic processes, whether natural or man-made. In the most general sense, visible light is one type of electromagnetic radiation; other forms are invisible, such as radio waves, infrared light and X rays. The effects and extent of damage upon biological systems depend both upon the radiation’s power and its frequency.

The EMF of visible and lower frequencies (i.e., radio, microwave, infrared) can damage living cells. The damage is caused primarily by heating effects from the combined energy transfer. By contrast, the ultraviolet and higher frequencies (i.e., X-rays and gamma rays) can cause direct molecular damage within living cells. (1)

Not all EMF are detrimental; in fact natural EMFs include sunshine and the earth’s magnetic field. We are designed to be in tune with these frequencies. Experiments have shown that when shielded from them, humans health deteriorates rapidly.  The issue of EMFs we are concerned with are the man-made frequencies emanating from all manner of electrical devices.

In summary, depending on the source, a range of damage can occur to a human body when over exposed to EMFs, ranging from a sunburn after too much sunshine, to direct molecular alteration in the cells after too much man-made EMF exposure. Over exposure to any type of EMF can result in acute and chronic conditions, including cancer.

Why Be Concerned?

Health Problems with EMFs

We are continuously bathed in an increasing variety and potency of electromagnetic fields. Use of microwave ovens, cell phones and cordless home phones, internet modems, hair dryers and even our large appliances such as clothes washers and dryers all radiate electromagnetic waves that are unique to their function, and are all unnatural to the human body. Here are some facts from Linda Bamber’s presentation on EMF (available above):

  • Many estimate that we are being bombarded with hundreds of millions times more radiation than our grandparents.
  • Every man made electronic gadget emits a frequency that opposes our body’s natural frequency.
  • Europeans consider this ‘electro smog’ life threatening and have signed petitions to regulate these harmful frequencies.

As for the response of The World Health Organization (WHO) to this obvious danger, Linda quotes, “[The WHO] takes seriously the concerns raised by reports about possible health effects from exposure to electromagnetic fields. Cancer, changes in behavior, memory loss, Parkinson and Alzheimer’s diseases, and many other diseases have been suggested as resulting from exposure to EMF. Everyone in the world is now exposed to a complex mix of EMF frequencies in the range 0-300 GHz.”

WHO continues, “EMF has become one of the most pervasive environmental influences and exposure levels at many frequencies are increasing significantly as the technological revolution continues unabated and new applications using different parts of the spectrum are found.” (2)

cell tower palmWith the advent of the ‘smart phone’ (the basic cell phone wedded with the Internet) in 1995, the efficient use of this new breed of telecommunication demanded an upgraded system of more powerful and complex frequencies to carry the signals to the skyrocketing number of users. In a relatively short time, cellular towers (or masts) and antennas were erected wherever needed to serve the clientele. While standards were set for the safety of this system we now know as 4G, a deeper investigation reveals that those who set the standards are influenced by the sources of their funding, too often the very corporations creating the system for their profit. (3)

Thus, there is no end in sight for our exposure to an electromagnetic environment that is clearly detrimental to our health. While we can, in part, control our exposure of EMF in our homes, the cell towers/antenna systems radiate a much larger, continual, insidious source of EMFs. To locate the current cell towers and antennas closest to your home or business, go to


Are Americans Protected from EMFs?

While the American Cancer Society states that “very few human studies have focused on cellular towers and cancer risk” (5), the facts around the world reveal that outbreaks of ‘cluster cancer cases’ occur near cell phone towers. (4)

Again citing Linda’s EMF presentation:electrosmog warning

  • “There’s a heated debate as to what electromagnetic field (EMF) level is considered safe. Since the experts have not come to a consensus, you’ll have to decide for yourself… Many government and utility documents report the usual ambient level of 60-Hz magnetic field to be 0.5 mG.   Thus, any reading higher than 0.5 mG is above the “usual” ambient exposure.”
  • “During the Cold War, the Russians used microwave bombardment to make US embassy personal radiation-sick at an average exposure level of only .01 microwatts/cm2.   Today’s federal exposure standards allow any neighborhood to be zapped with at least 580 microwatts per square centimeter, or higher. I don’t have a master in mathematics, but my calculations show the government is allowing us to be bombarded at 58,000 times what made our embassy personnel sick. We are in terrible danger. We are not being protected by our own government.”

“Interestingly, smart phones come with warnings, but these warnings are buried in the manufacturers’ instruction material that few people read. The iPhone 4 manual, for example, says that if the phone is kept in the pocket, “FCC guidelines for safe exposure can be exceeded,” and that “users are responsible for protecting themselves.”

“Amazingly, today’s safety standard for cell phones, the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) rest on standards that were set in 1979 to prevent the warming of the large head of a 6-foot-tall heavyset man.” (6) Due to these antiquated standards, children are at much higher risk.” (7)

EMFs and Breast Cancer

Charles Graham, an experimental physiologist at the Midwest Research Institute (MRI) in Kansas City, Mo., says that electromagnetic fields can alter two hormones that affect cancer risk — estrogen and testosterone. Overnight exposure of women to elevated levels of EMFs in the laboratory significantly increased estrogen. Studies have shown that high levels of estrogen over many years can increase a woman’s risk of getting breast cancer. In men, the EMF exposure reduced levels of testosterone–a hormone drop that has been linked to testicular and prostate cancers. (8)

As the cell phone usage grew, and without a shirt front pocket, some women resorted to the next best cache by tucking their cell phones in their brassieres.

cellphone bra pad“It’s too late for Andrea X, a young, active mother of three from Southern California. For more than six years, this vegetarian and runner drove her children everywhere, with her cell phone tucked snugly into her sports bra. She used her hands- free headset and was on the phone for four to five hours a day. Often her chest or ear would redden, but she thought little of it. This spring she developed a malignant tumor right where her phone had sat on her breast. No one in her family has ever had breast cancer.” (6)

Learn To Neutralize EMFs

I believe this concept is vital to our future health, especially our breast health, since women tend to wear a built in antenna for all these man-made frequencies: underwire bras.

Common Sense Protection

In Bedrooms:

Take all electrical devices out of your bedrooms if possible.

Do not sleep in a room where electricity enters the home or that has a breaker box.

Do not sleep within 8 feet of a large appliance.

Place all electric devices such as clock radios at least 6 ft. from your head while sleeping (includes TVs with their clocks operating and telephone chargers). “Electric clocks have a very high magnetic field, as much as 5 to 10 mG up to three feet away. If you are using a bedside clock, you are probably sleeping in an EMF equivalent to that of a powerline “according to Dr. Mercola. (8)


In Kitchens:

Stand at least 5 -8 feet away while operating your microwave. Wean yourself off your microwave.. The Russians have never allowed the use of microwaves in their country; instead they studied microwaves for war tactics.


In Bathrooms:

Use hair dryers and hair blowers as little as possible. Statistics show hair stylists may have higher cancer rates because of their use of dryers all day long and more toxic exposure in their work.

We know that the use of certain appliances has been associated with cancer. For instance, a 1998 National Cancer Institute (NCI) study showed that children exposed to electric blankets, hair dryers or video games had significant higher rates of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. A number of other appliances, including curling irons, were also linked to cancer.


Cordless Phones:

If you have any land-based (non-cellular) portable phones, do NOT use anything other than the 900 MHz phones, as the Gigahertz phones stay on continuously, blasting you with information-carrying radio waves 24/7. Remember, they may be 100 times more dangerous to use than our cell phones.

Make it a habit to always use the speaker phone option for cell/cordless phones. Just those few inches of holding the phone from your head reduces EMF exposure to your brain. In addition, either with or without your speaker phone, consider twisting or holding the antenna of the phone as far away as possible from your head when you are speaking. You thereby greatly reduce exposure levels during transmittal.


Cell Phones:

Absolutely keep your cell phone out of your purse if you carry it under your arm, next to your bustline.

Keep your cell phone with you for emergencies. Do not use it while driving—it causes more accidents. Use a wired headset to limit your exposure to the cell phone — ideally, an air tube headset that conducts sound but prevents any radiation from traveling up the wire to your brain. Also, make sure the wire is SHIELDED, which prevents it from acting as an antenna that could attract more information-carrying radio waves directly to your brain.

Never use a Bluetooth wireless—it puts huge amounts of frequencies directly into your ear whether you are talking or not.

Never carry your cell phone on you—studies are being done with pregnant mothers who carried their cell phones. The batteries powering mobile phones give off 217 Hz pulses and these can induce relatively strong currents in the human body.

Limit your calls inside buildings. Do not use your cell phone when the reception is bad…the phone is working harder and puts out more radiation.

Use an EMF neutralizer on every portable phone/appliance.


Computers (desktop and laptop):

EMF”s radiate from all sides of the computer. You must not only be concerned with sitting in front of the monitor but also if you are sitting near a computer or if a computer is operating in a nearby room. Never put your laptop on your lap. Recognize the warmth for what it is: damaging microwave frequencies. Ovaries, hormones, PMS, and fertility are all related.


Wireless Internet Modems:

Your WiFi router should be as far away as possible from daily activity.


Ancient Wisdom

The use of crystals and gemstones has been recorded in almost every ancient civilization as a form of healing and changing consciousness. Throughout history preparations made from gem elixirs or gems have been used not only in India and Tibet, but also in Arabic countries and Europe. Native Americans also used the science of gem therapy long before the Europeans arrived here.

Gems Have Frequency Ranges

The Crystal BibleWe have used quartz crystals for years in a variety of electrical equipment, quartz movements, clocks and others. The crystals can be bought according to their frequency range. ILSI of America sells crystals from 3.2 Hz to 192 Khz. According to their website, “the vibrational mode is a piezoelectric effect of quartz crystal. The mode of vibration of quartz crystal varies with crystal cuts such as Thickness-shear for AT cuts and BT cuts, or Length-width-flexure for tuning fork crystals (+2ºX) cut, or Face-shear for CT, DT cuts. The most popular cut is the AT-cut which offers a symmetrical frequency shift over a wide temperature change.”  The vibrational frequencies of some gems are able to neutralize man-made frequencies.


Linda uses “The Crystal Bible” by as her guide to decide how to use these gems. Click to purchase on Amazon>>



EMF Jewerly Turg Thumbnail



Jewelry With A Purpose: Use Nature to Protect You From EMF’s

We can easily discern which natural gems protect us from man-made frequencies through muscle testing. All types of quartz, turquoise, silver, malachite, pearls, and stone combinations tend to be protective.

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