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Our manmade AC (alternating current) is in direct opposition to the natural DC (direct current) of the earth. Many of the new protective EMF devices of this decade will be touting the benefits of neutralizing harmful static caused by billions of appliances and man-made gizmos that we now absolutely cannot live without. They usually work with the natural harmonic resonant frequency of the earth which is 7.83 Hz and known as the Schumann Resonance Frequency. This frequency is recognized to sustain life on earth (see geopathic stress chapter). By using a 7-9 Hz frequency to cancel or mitigate the harmful frequencies, many devices should be helpful in balancing and strengthening the natural protective energy field of the human body.

I want to give you enough informed information that you will want do your own research and figure out how you want to protect yourself. There are enough products that I have not been able to test them all. But, I believe it is vital to our future health, especially our breasts since women tend to wear a built in antenna for all these frequencies: under wire bras.

Basically there are two types of products on the market for protecting yourself from EMF’s: products made from natural gems and crystals, and man-made neutralizers.


Gems and Crystals

The use of crystals and gemstones has been recorded in almost every ancient civilization as a form of healing and changing consciousness. Throughout history preparations made from gem elixirs or gems have been used not only in India and Tibet, but also in Arabic countries and Europe. Native Americans also used the science of gem therapy long before the Europeans arrived here.

I noticed a particular affinity for a chunky turquoise necklace and earrings as I worked on my computer for this e-book. They just soothed me and seemed to help me keep my ideas flowing. Then I added a large amethyst quartz necklace that my husband said was gaudy—but I loved it for it’s calming effect on my nerves. I also added a malachite necklace with irregular stones and sizes, simply because I liked the feel of them.

Here’s what I learned about these stones I had been drawn to buy, compliments of Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing. [1]

Turquoise is a profound master healer. Master enhancers in the color spectrum. Strengthens the entire anatomy and is an aid in all diseases, including the miasma. All nutrients are better absorbed, and all the chakras, meridians, nadis and subtle bodies are strengthened and aligned. In addition, general tissue regeneration is stimulated. Whenever a vibrational remedy stimulates tissue regeneration, it tends to stimulate absorption of many or all nutrients. Can be used in nutrient-deficient diseases such as anorexia nervosa. Also increases circulatory flows to the muscular tissue, especially when there are torn tendons or ligaments. There may also be a lack of oxygen, toxemia, or stress in the muscle tissue. A powerful protector against any environmental pollutants. Notably protects one from background radiation. Better communication skills develop.

Amethyst quartz augments the activity of the pancreas, the pituitary, thymus and thyroid glands. Metabolism is balanced, white it stimulates the midbrain and right brain activity. Left-right brain imbalances such as autism, dyslexia, epilepsy, neurological, discharges, physical coordination problems and visual problems are eased. The pineal and pituitary glands are enhanced. On the cellular level, amethyst stimulates tissue regeneration and increases red corpuscle production. Diseases associated with the pituitary, diseases involving a collapse in the immune system and those influencing blood sugar levels, such as diabetes and hypoglycemia, can be treated with this preparation. Fatty tissues dissolve, and chelation is activated. Also has some impact on the tubercular miasm and offers some protection against radiation. Amplified thoughts, increase intuition.

Malachite is used to promote sleep, strengthen the eyes, head, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, stomach and increase lactation. Cardiac pain, cancerous tumors, cholera, colic, infection, leukemia, rheumatis, vertigo and ulcers ease while fertility increases. Impact on left-right brain imbalances. Expels plutonium, which often lodges in the throat region. People living near nuclear power plants or nuclear storage facilities or who are constantly exposed to radiation from other causes should usually wear this stone and keep pieces in the house for protection.

Now I was on a roll, and the ideas just kept falling into place. A new acquaintance (and now a close friend) gave me a phenomenal piece of information about quartz. Lorraine simply asked “Did you know that they sell quartz crystals by their frequency?”

Crystals have already been proven; they just haven’t gained a lot of acceptance.

We have used quartz crystals for years in a variety of electrical equipment, quartz movements, clocks and others. The crystals can be bought according to their frequency range. ILSI of America sells crystals from 3.2 Hz to 192 Khz. According to their website, “the vibrational mode is a piezoelectric effect of quartz crystal. The mode of vibration of quartz crystal varies with crystal cuts such as Thickness-shear for AT cuts and BT cuts, or Length-width-flexure for tuning fork crystals (+2ºX) cut, or Face-shear for CT, DT cuts. The most popular cut is the AT-cut which offers a symmetrical frequency shift over a wide temperature change.” [2] That’s a lot of jargon to describe quartz crystal vibrations. Who would have known?

My body had already verified what generations of people have known. Quartz crystals and gemstones such as malachite, and turquoise possess unique compositions which enable them to neutralize radiations. These stones work as natural filters for energy. Silver is also a powerful neutralizer.

Some of our jewelry can protect our body everyday by neutralizing harmful frequencies that we are bombarded with. I went through my jewelry and used muscle testing (see chapter on muscle testing) to learn what would or would not protect me. It’s great to wear jewelry with a purpose. And now, I never feel bad about adding to my collection. And it’s even better to give as a gift, knowing I am giving something beautiful and protective.
Organically Derived Products

Aulterra is an organic compound derived from a rare crystalline rock found in only two known sites in the world. Tests conducted on the rock powder in 1995 concluded that this unique substance reacted with the earth’s electromagnetic fields and neutralized radiation.
Realizing the personal health and wellness benefits this substance has on neutralizing EMF radiation, Kim Dandurand, founder and CEO of Aulterra International, developed a personal protection device, known as the Aulterra Neutralizer. Studies have shown that the product can reduce the harmful effects of EMF’s from cell phones.[3]

Himalayan salt crystal lamps are thought to be absurd by many people who use crystals unknowingly in their own homes in many applications. According to one website, “The surface of the crystal salt lamp draws humidity as it warms up, building up an ionic field. Undesirable positive ions are bound with the negative ions generated by the crystal salt lamp. This way the electric charge of the air in the room is neutralized. This produces a comfortable and beneficial atmosphere.

Crystal salt lamps, with their pleasant colors, also have a therapeutic and healing effect. For instance, in tests with hyper active children, or with sleeping and concentration problems, it was established that these symptoms diminished within a week of starting the use of the lamp.

In the USA, 28 hospitals utilized crystal salt lamps in cancer therapies as a natural radiation because the positive changes were proven.” [4]


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