Improve Breast Health With 3 Simple Exercises

Breast Research Awareness & Support, or BRAS, is making a difference in women’s breast health. Business start-up opportunities offering thermography, a safe, pressure and radiation free thermal images and breast health education are available throughout the U.S.
Linda Bamber, founder of BRAS, knows first-hand just how valuable education can be. After her mother had a lumpectomy and radiation, her breast became red hot and very firm for over 1 ½ years. After a small exercise tip from a nurse, the redness cleared up in a week. Linda took that idea and developed several more breast exercises for her mother. The firmness, caused by the radiation cooking her breast, cleared up after a month.
Because Linda’s mother and sister were both diagnosed with breast cancer six months apart, she was monitored every three months. Many small fibrocystic lumps in her breasts were gone overnight after 30 minutes of breast exercises in a hot tub. These changes were verified two weeks later when she visited her M.D. These exercises are now shared with every woman who has a thermogram and breast consultation. Many other women have now noted an improvement in fibrocystic breasts.
BRAS provides a series of education seminars and thermography. Call 1-888-352-3654 or check for more info.