Beyond Pink

By Linda Bamber, Certified Nutritionist and Thermographer

Pink, pink and more pink.

Pink ribbons, pink shirts, pink marshmallows and pink hairdryers all remind us of the fight against breast cancer year round.  Sadly, it reminds me of another mess with corporate greed and lies.
Since it’s inception in 1984, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month has been solely funded by Zeneca Pharmaceutical, a U.S. subsidiary and recent spin-off of Imperial Chemical Industries. Financial sponsorship by Zeneca/ICI gives them editorial control over every leaflet, poster, publication, and commercial produced by NBCAM.

Acetochlor and vinyl chloride, both known to cause breast cancer are produced by Zeneca/ICI.  It also manufactures the most popular breast cancer drug in the world, Tamoxifen, listed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as a carcinogen.  It causes ovarian, liver and cervical cancer.

“A multi-million dollar deal between National Breast Cancer Awareness Month sponsors and Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) has produced reckless misinformation on breast cancer,” “The ICI/NBCAM public relations campaign has prevented women from knowing of avoidable causes of breast cancer,” says Dr. Samuel Epstein.

So, although millions has been spent in a wave of pink, we are not any closer to a solution. All we have are some one-liners that are a few feeble attempts at protection.

Eat Right. Exercise. Drink Water. Watch Your Weight.

Do self-exams. Get a mammogram. Take Tamoxifen.

And the latest…think about a prophylactic mastectomy if you have the BRCA gene.

Specific information about how to eat to keep estrogen levels low is available. A one day detox recipe for xenohormones, or foreign hormones from plastics and other chemicals, is so easy.  Simple exercises that help keep our breasts relatively toxin-free are worth a few minutes of time daily.  How to avoid 216 chemicals  that are connected with breast cancer in our water, food, cosmetics, and personal products can be learned with a one second test.

There is updated advice on better self-exam methods and what to do when you find a lump. that is benign 80% of the time. Proven natural ideas can help ease swelling, lumps, and bumps …sometimes overnight. These techniques can save on unnecessary breast biopsies that can sometimes seed our body if cancer is present.

The risks of mammograms also need to be carefully examined.  Radiation and pressure that increases the spreading of cancerous tissues has been documented.
Thermography is recommended instead by Dr. Mercola, at in his article, “The Safe Breast Cancer Screening Test Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About.”
A breast health screening using a BioMeridian system is another non-invasive way to show imbalances in our organ systems and suggest supplements, exercises, diet, or other changes to bring the body back into balance. These two assessment tools are truly preventive techniques that can protect your body years ahead of a mammogram.  Mammograms are not early protection, they detect breast cancer when it has between 4-10 billion cells and has grown for eight to ten years.

Tamoxifen has a totally healthy competitor.  One flax seed muffin a day has been proven to reduce breast cancer growths by 31%.    Study drug company claims and the side effects before you take any type of drug.  One cholesterol lowering drug, Pravachol, was shown to increase breast cancer risk by 1500% while providing a miniscule heart protection of 1.1%.

The saddest travesty of all is that more and more websites are educating women that a prophylactic mastectomy can take all the fear away.  Both my mother and sister have had breast cancer…but my reaction was to learn all that I could about protecting myself. I did not have the breast cancer gene test as I know that only 1 out of 20 cases are caused by that gene.  And, if I control many environmental factors-I can control the BRCA gene.

This information, plus many more ideas you will never hear from the mainstream medical community, is now available through BRAS.

Bare the facts, bust the myths, adjust your straps…  Ladies, we can protect ourselves.